What Kind Of Heart You Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When you like someone, you want to dive right into a relationship. There will be no talking stage for you. No repressing your emotions. 


When you love someone, the majority of your happiness comes from simply being together. You'll be in heaven if you can cuddle with them on the couch. It's the proximity and comfort for you.


Being with you is a never-ending journey. You change your mind--and your heart--as quickly as you change your attire, which may give everyone around you whiplash. Your heart is great for folks who enjoy spontaneity and surprise.


You can feel everyone's emotions in the room, sometimes to the point of pain. You're not only good at understanding people's energy, but you're also good at extending your own heart to assist others recover.


When you make a commitment to someone, you enjoy all of the romance that comes with it. Flowers, kisses, love declarations? They're all gasoline for your engine. In your opinion, a partnership without romance is not a relationship at all.


You will not date or befriend just anyone. You choose those people who add value to your life and complement the way you live it.


You have a great sense of what has to be done to make someone happy. And if you're in an interpersonal conflict situation, you're fantastic at defusing it. 


You don't easily let down your guard. You don't want to get harmed, after all. When you actually find someone you love, you tear down those walls one by one so they can finally find their way into your heart.


You find happiness in all of life's adventures, big or small. And it's much better if you can share your adventures with someone you care about. With you, people believe that everything is possible--and it is.


When you eventually expose your heart to someone, whether as a friend or romantic partner, you can't help but convey how much you love them.


You like your life the way it is, so if you decide to bring someone into it, it is because you believe they will enrich it by being a part of it. 


When you love someone, you lead with your emotions, your heart. You make folks feel as if they can always come to you when they're down or need a pick-me-up. 


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